The Big Idea

There is a growing market for visual novels. We all can't get enough of games that offer you the satisfaction of reading a book while immersing you in a story using sounds and stunning visuals.

Well we thought about it, and realized that people like to read visual novels everywhere. On the bus or on the train, or even just simply on their desktop. Wouldn't it be cool if we could play all the old classics we love on our smartphone or tablet on the go?

Our main goal is to help bridge the gap of creating your own visual novels or translating existing ones. We believe the author can provide a better experience for their readers if they spent more time on the content and LESS time on the engine that runs it.

With the 0m3ga Visual Novel Engine, you don't need to learn an entire programming language to get started and any game you make or translate will seamlessly work across all supported platforms with NO extra configuration needed from you. Take a look around, if you feel you would rather have a certain feature than don't hesitate to click that contact tab up there and tell us about it!